Adam Reborn
Adam Reborn (2014)
Like It Or Not
Like It Or Not (2016)

Adam Reborn

Michal Skořepa - voc, gtrs, piano, bass (3,9,10,13)  
Miloš Meier - bicí
Jakub Antl - bass
Marek Bero - bass (6) 

Produced by: Stroy
Mix a mastering: Jaroslav Lukáč - NEGATIVETUNES
Nahráno v: Doma

Album artwork: Michal Skořepa/Martin Koleják

Like it or not - EP

Michal Skořepa - voc, gtrs, cigarbox, harmonium, marxophone 
Miloš Meier - Bicí
Jakub Antl - Bass
Alain Johannes - kytarové sólo v “Like it or Not”, back vokály v “Like It Or Not” a
“Did You Know That Meditation Could Be So Much Fun”.

Produced by: Alain Johannes
Mix and mastering: Alain Johannes
Nahráno v: 11AD - Los Angeles

Album artwork: Michal Skořepa

The album was made during seven days at home studio of Alain Johannes (Queens Of The Stone Age, Chris Cornell. Eleven). All the songs were recorded live (guitar, bass, drums) with the vocals and other stuff added later. Most of the music on the album was composed at the place.The place itself was hugely inspirational and together with Alain´s production the whole process was a real spiritual experience. The track “Natasha” is dedicated to Alain´s late wife Natasha Shneider. The album title is about being yourself no matter what the world things. It´s rough sound speaks for itself, Like It Or Not!

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